The world-class standard of living at a relatively low cost attracts most people to buy a home in the city of eternal spring, Medellin. Medellin is the capital of Colombia’s hilly Antioquia province.

The city is famous for its mountainous sites, rugged roads, low housing prices, and thriving real estate sector. If you’re considering relocating to another city/country, here’s why Medellin should be your first choice.

Reason # 01: The Amazing Weather

One of the primary benefits of buying a house in Medellin is its amazing breezy weather. The climate is mild, with significant rainfall and temperatures averaging 60.4°F | 15.8°C. There are plenty of roadside restaurants, outdoor eateries, and cafes to relish the blowing winds and sunshine.

Reason # 02: The Clean Environment

Medellin is one of the cleanest cities to travel to and live in the world. It also ranks among the cities with a good air quality index. The roads are well maintained, and almost every recreational activity is available in the city, from music bars to art museums to dance studios.

 Aerial view of Medellin at night

Reason # 03: Delectable Cuisines

In addition to picturesque places, Medellin has a delectable cuisine. Its specialty, Bandeja Paisa, will leave you in a finger-licking state. Moreover, if you’re a coffee-lover, you’ll pride yourself on buying a home in Medellin as it’s located very near to Colombia’s coffee region.

Reason # 04: Low Cost of Living

Medellin has a low cost of living. Over the years, the city has administered an increased number of American ex-pats, including single women, retired couples, and younger people with solid career goals. The dollar is quite strong relative to Colombia’s currency that helps people enhance their living standards.

Furthermore, since Medellin’s weather is nice and temperate, people rely less on air conditioning, resulting in lower operational expenses.

Reason # 05: Availability of High-Quality Properties at Reasonable Prices

Medellin’s real estate market has witnessed a steady and thriving growth in the past. There has been an uptick in property sales to North American retirees in the last five years. Also, the real estate properties are high in quality and available at reasonable rents or sale prices.

The city of flowers and springtime also offers lucrative opportunities to individuals interested in investing in the real estate market.

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