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At In House Real Estate, we hire only the best professionals in the field of real estate and property management. Our real estate agents are available to help you find properties in Medellin, whether you’re looking to purchase a new home in the city or looking for a place on a short or long-term rental basis. Our team is committed to listening to our client’s requests and helping them find the property that fits their individual needs perfectly. We focus heavily on working with our clients to form a bond of trust and understanding to guarantee the best results possible.

We are committed to scouting properties that show promise in the city, such as turnkey projects that require refurbishing or new developments, to provide our clients with investment opportunities. Our employees focus on developing connections in Medellin, which has helped us build a network with relevant parties across the city.

We guarantee that our property management clients maintain a high occupancy rate and that their accommodations are kept in the best possible state to ensure a good return on their investment.

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