Home staging is a simple but effective way of helping potential buyers visualize the home they’re interested in buying. The process often involves modernizing dated elements of the home, replacing fixtures, and giving the home a fresh, neutral look that potential buyers can picture themselves living in.

Almost 83% of homebuyers’ agents claim that home staging allows the buyer to see the property as a future home as opposed to a property someone else lives in.

In preparation for the sale, beautifying the home is essential to showcase its strengths and standout features while minimizing its weaknesses. Staging the home allows potential buyers to admire what the property has to offer while making an emotional connection to the house itself.

If you’re planning on staging you’re home when you put it on the market, here are our top tips:


Poor lighting does injustice to even the most beautiful living spaces.

When your home is gorgeously lit in warm, welcoming light, potential buyers will feel at home there. However, a dark, dingy home can be off-putting and may even discourage people from appreciating the beautiful flooring or fixtures.

The top secret to an inviting, cheerful home that’s staged to perfection is ambient, accent, and task lighting.

Don’t ignore the curb appeal

Chipping paint, overgrown foliage, and broken floor tiles are major red flags for homebuyers, even if the interior is pristine and well-maintained. When you ignore the exterior of your home, you set the wrong first impression on any visitors and lower their expectations for what’s to come.

Instead, an impressive exterior boosts your home’s curb appeal and may even bump up the property’s value. Start with a master checklist of all the things that require attention, including:

  • Clearing the shrubs
  • Moving the yard
  • Planting flowers and plants
  • Power washing the siding and driveway
  • Replacing the mailbox

A well-maintained home exterior


When you first moved in, you probably worked tirelessly to make the house feel like your home. However, before you sell the property, you have to undo that work and give potential buyers a clean slate.

Before the home staging, make sure the home is painted a neutral color, all printed wallpapers are replaced, and all personal items—like refrigerator art or family photos—are removed. This will helps potential buyers visualize their family and its mementos in the space, encouraging them to place an offer.

Make the most of the space

To show potential buyers that every square footage of the home offers usable space, you can pay attention to specific rooms and define its purpose. Spaces like the attic and basement can transform awkward spots in the home into usable regions. This includes transforming the attic into a home gym or making the basement an entertainment room.

Some of the most commonly staged rooms include the kitchen, living room, dining room, and master bedroom. These are often the places where people will spend the most time, so it’s only right to beautify these rooms.


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