Selling a house for the first time is as daunting an experience as when you first bought it. The entire process can leave any rookie feeling overwhelmed and just exhausted.


But luckily (or perhaps unluckily), the internet is full of advice when it comes to selling a house. But as a first-timer, the research is a good start.


Here are our two cents for your home-selling experience.


Choose the Right Time to Sell

Generally, spring is considered a great time to sell since the housing market is pretty hot this time of the year. There are a lot of buyers making the most of the weather and looking at houses, so listing your house during the spring could get you a good price.


But that being said, the housing market and its trends fluctuate between different areas, so check with a real estate expert in your area to see what’s the best time for you to put your house on the market.

Depersonalize and Stage A House Well



A luxurious living room with neutral colors 


Humans are visual creatures; what they see impacts their decision-making a great deal. A cluttered, highly personalized space is going to ruin the selling prospects for you.


Instead, try and declutter as much as possible and stage the house to look as basic as possible. This will help your potential buyers envision themselves living in the house. Moreover, once you get rid of the personal knick-knacks, the house will look a lot more spacious.


Pro Tip: Add minimalistic flower vases, art, and decor pieces to brighten up the space a bit.


Consider Hosting an Open House

It may come as a surprise to you but for many people, buying a house is never a plan until they see their dream house by chance at an open house. It could be a great way to get the word out there and reel in maximum potential buyers so that you can get a reasonable price.


Opens houses are especially recommended if your house is located in a busy area. You can also put up signs and ask your agent to advertise it online for maximum visitors.



Hire Trusted Estate Experts

The best tip we can give you is hiring real estate experts to help you out with all the nitty-gritty of property management, especially if you’re selling real estate in Medellin.


This is because the housing market here is evolving every second, and it takes experience and expertise to make the best decisions.


Get in touch with us if you need help selling property in Medellin.