When moving houses, you also have the unique opportunity of choosing a new neighborhood. Or perhaps you’re moving because you don’t like the present neighborhood you’re residing in?


Either way, selecting the right neighborhood, even if it’s for a property to rent, requires a lot of thought. What constitutes the “right” neighborhood could differ for everybody based on various expectations and requirements.


Here are a few factors that we’d suggest you consider before moving.


Is the Neighborhood Safe?

This is your number one priority when choosing a neighborhood. You may love a house for its design and low cost, but if it’s located in an area known to have high crime rates, it’s not worth it.


You could look at crime statistics easily available on the internet or talk to the neighbors to determine if the neighborhood is considered safe or not.


Pro Tip: If a neighborhood looks great, but you feel that the rent costs or property prices are ridiculously low, definitely look into the crime statistics of that area. A rising crime rate in an area always lowers the property value.

Are All Essentials Located Close?

When we talk about essentials, you need to look into not only your needs but also your family’s requirement. Ideally, you’d want a neighborhood with good schools for the kids, but also one that guarantees a short commute to work for you and your spouse.


Moreover, you need to look at the distance to grocery stores, pharmacies, and the hospital. These are daily life necessities, and not having any of these super close will become a problem in the future. Imagine running out of milk and dreading a grocery run because it’s too far.

Are There Dining and Other Recreational Spots Nearby?


A football park in Medellin


In our fast-paced lives, restaurants are very much a necessity when it comes to choosing a neighborhood. On those nights when nobody feels like cooking, you need options for delivery and take-away.


Moreover, if you’ve got kids and dogs, you need to look at parks or walking trails, as well as community swimming pools and other recreational activities offered within the neighborhood.


When you’re looking within your own country or city or especially in the US, it can be very easy to locate safe neighborhoods. However, this is a much harder thing to do when looking for properties as a foreign buyer.


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