A city of 2.5 million, Medellin, has the energy that matches that of popular cities like New York and London. Just a few years ago, the Wall Street Journal designated Medellin The Most Innovative City of The Year, proving what a promising future this city holds.

Whether we think of being close to nature or wish for the city life hustle, Medellin can offer us both. Over the years, the city has experienced a boom in its real-estate market and an influx of expats have begun settling in.

The city has flourished and continues to prosper, therefore becoming the new favorite place for everyone. If you are looking to relocate, here are 12 reasons why you should consider moving to Medellin!

Affordable Cost of Living

One of the best reasons to move to Medellin is the affordable cost of living here. If you’re a foreign buyer in Medellin and are looking to buy a rental property, reaching out to a real estate expert should be your number one goal. A good agent knows their way around the market and can get you the best deals within your budget.

If you’ve previously lived in USA, UK or even Canada, you’ll notice the remarkable difference in the cost of living here. Although the rates are notably less, some sellers may attempt to charge you more if you do not speak Spanish fluently.

To save yourself from the trouble of exhausting negotiations, the hassle of a long trail of paperwork, and saving money in the process, hiring an Estate-expert in Medellin would be a wise choice.

Perfect Weather

Medellin is often referred as the “City of Eternal Spring” for the year-round perfect climate it offers. When you’re looking for a place to move to, the climatic conditions of the area can be a key decision-making factor.

Tall buildings with a view of lush green hills and good weather

“Spring is in the air” and we can’t seem to disagree. Medellin has an average temperature of 15.8°C with the maximum temperature not exceeding 22°C even in the summer. If you’re someone who can’t stand the summer sweats or survive extreme chilly winters, Medellin is the place for you.

The year round pleasant weather coupled with lush greenery and colorful blooming flowers across the city is exactly what’s missing in your life.

Extensive Expat Community

You might be worrying about factors such as the language barrier or lack of foreigners in the city like you. This was true until only recently, with the low cost of living and numerous other benefits, Medellin has become home to many.

It has captured an extensive expat community many of whom have settled in the neighborhoods of El Poblado, Laureles and Envigado. These places are like a welcome cocoon that many foreigners find pleasant as it helps them settle in easily.

If you feel like you’re not fluent in or need some extra time learning Spanish, you don’t need to panic. Get in touch with a real estate expert and they can help you find your dream house in Medellin as per your requirements and in a neighborhood that best suits your budget.

Excellent Healthcare Standards

One of the many things you look for in a country you want to move to is its healthcare standards. The World Health Organization has ranked Columbia on #22 out of a total of 191 countries for its excellent healthcare. What’s surprising is that it’s left behind countries like Canada (#30) and USA (#37).

Not only is the healthcare in Medellin recognized internationally, but it’s also much easier to sign up for the National Public Health Insurance Plans here. There are no age limits, medicines are available at a cheaper rate, prescriptions are almost never required and pre-existing conditions are also covered in your plan.

Delicious Cuisine

Apart from its historic attractions and natural beauty, Medellin has a wide variety of delicious rich delicacies its cuisine has to offer with Bandeja Paisa leading the way.

This dish has red beans that are cooked with pork, fried egg, lemon, ground meat, rice, arepa, avocado, chorizo, chicharron and ripe plantain. As the ingredients may already suggest, this is a very heavy dish so make sure you have an empty stomach and a partner who you can share this with.

There are numerous other dishes that are part of their traditional cuisine that you’ll absolutely fall in love with when you move to Medellin. What’s even better is that Medellin has a diverse range of options for eateries varying from street side cafes to high end restaurants. So whatever style of dining suits you, you’re in for a treat.

Hospitable Paisas and Their Beautiful Culture

As if the city alone wasn’t enough, the people of Medellin (Paisas) are equally beautiful. You’ll find yourself in absolute awe of the hospitality they have to offer. The warmth and genuine care they show towards any foreigner is extremely praiseworthy.

Paisas have struggled with a dark history involving elevated crimes and drug cartels being associated with their beautiful city. To eradicate this reputation, they have a burning passion etched in their hearts and are working constantly to making their city one that becomes the talk of the town wherever people go.

With the incredibly loving Paisas, comes their beautiful family-centric culture. Living in Medellin you’d notice that dinner at grandma’s or a family reunion at their aunt’s place are just common gatherings — Paisas love family time and believe in a strict work-life balance.

So if you ever move to Medellin, you’d notice how many offices close down from noon to 2pm on account for lunch breaks. Paisas highly discourage having lunch while drowned in paperwork or taking a work call/ meeting. What they do encourage is for you to head home, have your lunch and get back to your office.

Compared to the extremely hectic work-life culture many countries have adopted, Medellin offers a relatively slow-paced and relaxed life for you.

Comuna 13

Once known as the most dangerous neighborhoods in Medellin, Comuna 13 has now bumped itself as one of the favorite tourist attractions. Open-air escalators connecting communities from hanging cliff sides have increasingly helped eradicate crime.

Numerous, colorful, closely built houses stacked clinging on a cliff in Medellin

Many escalator operators have been encouraged time and again to put their artistic skills in action and that has resulted in beautifully designed murals on several walls and the emergence of street artists. The graffiti filled streets and the beautiful artwork on the escalator route reflect the community’s dark history but also shows hope for their promising future.

View over the houses in Comuna 13 in Medellin

Eslabón Prendido

What many people love about Medellin and you might too is the love and appreciation Paisas show for music. In the happening streets of the city, you’ll often find Spanish music blaring on and everyone dancing along or enjoying the evening vibe.

If you love dancing the night away, Eslabón Prendido can be your go-to place. Although you might find this nightclub small and loud at first, it’s every salsa lover’s paradise.

The club offers an authentic Columbian dance experience, cheap drinks, and the best part is the welcoming environment that doesn’t expect you to be an expert at dancing. Keep in mind to go here on Tuesdays and Thursdays—that way you’ll even get to see a live band play.

Plaza Botero

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Medellin lies in the heart of the city at Plaza Botero. The place is fairly easy to reach via Parque Berrio metro station and is one of the top favorite places for tourists to explore.

The world-renowned figurative artist, Fernando Botero, was born in Medellin and has some of his most remarkable work displayed here.

He made a heartfelt contribution of giving away 23 of his larger-than life bronze sculptures to the city of Medellin with the condition that no one will be charged to see this artwork. Holding true to their promise, the Plaza Botero is free for anyone to enter and has become a major attraction for photographers.

The plaza also has The Museum of Antioquia located within it which is the second oldest museum in the country. It displays artwork from Pre Columbian artists to modern sculptors like Botero. The three-story building is a must-see place for anyone interested in Columbian history.

Park Arvi through Metro Cable

If you’re an avid photographer with a love for nature and panorama views, Medellin’s cable cars are just the right thing for you. Connecting the hustle bustle of city life with the lush green hilly areas, the metro cable offers a picturesque aerial view.

Cable car with a panoramic view of the city

When you’re looking for some down time, away from city life, the urban oasis of forested hills at Arvi Park offer plenty of food options and trekking trails—just the treat that a nature lover might be looking for.


By now, you’ve probably come to realize that there’s so much to do in Medellin. Even then, if you feel like you need a quick getaway, just 90 kilometers out of the city is a small town of Guatapé. It’s not just a place your family and friends would thank you for, but also one that will take your breath away.

The biggest attraction of this area is the El Peñol, a natural yet giant monolithic rock formation. Once you climb more than 700 very steep steps, you’d reach the top and find yourself with a 360 degree view of the most mesmerizing man-made lake that flows beneath it.

Scenic view of the manmade lake with lush green trees from Guatapé's top

Take a moment to soak up the magnificent, scenic views before deciding on your next activity. Guatapé also offers a variety of water sports and activities such as boat rentals and kayaking, if that’s something you’re interested in.

If you’re planning to stay for longer than a day, there are a number of short-term rentals and hotels where you can get your bookings done.

Feria de las Flores

Every year, around August, Medellin hosts a one-week long flower festival (referred as Feria de las Flores). A fun fact you might want to know about is that Columbia is the second largest exporter of flowers with 80% of the flowers in US being imported from here.

A girl in a field of sunflowers

If you’re someone who loves getting flowers for every occasion, Medellin is definitely the place for you. The year-long spring climate allows for the city to be filled with beautiful fresh flowers ranging from roses, carnations and chrysanthemums being the most popular choice, but that’s not it. The city also grows ample amounts of gorgeous sunflowers, colorful Birds of Paradise, lilies and heart-shaped Anthuriums.

Since these flowers can be easily grown locally, they are very affordable for you to buy and the flower festival in August is an absolute must-visit event of the year!


If you’re looking to move to a place that offers the hustle bustle of a city life as well as beautiful scenic views of the nature, we highly recommend choosing Medellin. With its rich culture and history comes its affordable living benefits. At In House Real Estate, our priority lies in helping you find your dream house. We guide you with expertise throughout your process of investing, buying or renting properties in Medellin. To get in touch with our real-estate experts, call us at +573003581202 or drop an email at sales@iinhouserealestatemedellin.com and we will get right back to you.